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I found the search for links to three digital collections to be time consuming.  By that, initially, I dreaded beginning the search for three digital collections.  I wasn’t quite sure what was out there.  I ended up finding some that captured my attention for quite some time.  My first search remained on home base with the University of Oklahoma Bizzell Library.  The library has one directory for it’s various digital collections, from there you can choose several options.

1. University of Oklahoma Libraries:

I found the Early American Imprints, Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker, 1801-1819 interesting.  I have always been interested in fairytales and folklore which probably explains my interest in scary movies to some extent.  As with most individuals in my generation, we tend to want to have the information physically in our hands.  However, with digital collections, the older more fragile copies can be shared with many people.  I found it fascinating to peruse the pages of the 1804, History of Alladin; containing a true and wonderful account of an enchanted lamp; found in a subterraneous cave, in China.

2. University of Oklahoma Libraries:  Eighteenth Century Collections Online:

I find the 18th century to be fascinating but especially as it relates to literary works.  (I took several classes related to Shakespeare while an undergraduate.) 

3. Various electronic resources compiled in LORA.  

I had been working in Acquisitions seeing the expenditures being spent on digital and electronic resources.  I really didn’t take the time to actually peruse the things the library had been acquiring until now.   There are enormous amounts of electronic information being manipulated through the system.  However, when considering the high cost to purchase and maintain these collections, the comparison must be made with print.  The cost to purchase and physically house print includes many facets in addition to administrative costs.



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