Digital Collections

Reflection number two

Posted on: November 17, 2008

As I was perusing my previous points, I realized it has been a while since I reflected on thte digital collections class and paper.  Intially, I thought I would not find much information with regard to American Indian tribes digitizing their archives.   After perusing sites and talking to various individuals, there are many worthwhile endeavors from tribes in digitizing.   To find consistent application and follow through on one project is not usual because funding such initiatives are usual self-sustained.   By this, I mean the tribe would have to commit to funding ongoing maintenance of pilot projects.  Due to politics and changing priorities of top level administration, digital preservation of collections might get “lost in the fire”.  However, the exploration has been educational for me.


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  • Little Axe: Your welcome.
  • Little Axe: Well, hope it has useful information in one place.
  • Little Axe: I forgot where I got that information. I know it compiles a lot of references and relevant topics for my paper. Glad you found it interesting! :D
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